Virgin Australia Promo Codes

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia regularly release promo codes that can save you up to 15% on flights! Take advantage of the offers below to get the best deal.

As each promo code comes with a myriad of terms, it is best to test each code for the flights you want to find which one gives you the best deal. These codes are valid for certain routes, travel dates and fare categories. Most require you to book at least 20 days in advance. Keep in mind that already discounted fares don’t get much (if any) additional discount.

To use a promo code simply enter the 5-digit code into the “Promo Code” box when searching for flights on the Virgin website. Eligible flights will be marked as “promo”.

CodeDiscountFare TypeDestinations
CRV59~10%All fare typesVarious
BFG28~10%All fare typesVarious
MPX56~10%All fare typesVarious
BVZ27~10%All fare typesVarious