When do frequent flyer points expire?

The coronavirus outbreak has brought the travel industry to a standstill, with airlines forced to suspend, reduce and cancel many...

Australia’s Top 3 Neobanks Compared

Everyone has heard of the big four banks, and maybe even online banks, but have you heard of neobanks? Welcome...

Airlines are Operating Unusual Flights due to COVID-19

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has meat airlines around the world are operating unusual flights to Australia to bring their...

Australian Government Subsidise Qantas and Virgin Australia Flights

Qantas and Virgin Australia rejoice after the Australian Government has agreed to fund a $165 million 'minimum domestic network' package....

Frequent Flyer Status Extension Ultimate Guide

Many airlines are feeling the sting as the coronavirus outbreak continues to cause widespread disruption to the travel industry. As...

Travel After Coronavirus: Is Now a Good Time to Book?

As fears of coronavirus spread even faster than the virus itself, traditional media continues to fuel mass hysteria which has...

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